tom chapman

Hey, I'm Tom
I'm a Front-End Web Developer

I'm a developer living in Nashville TN and I am looking for a job in the middle TN area. If you're a company in Nashville and you're looking for someone that creates projects that have some life and feeling instead of the usual cookie-cutter should hire me!

My Work


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My Skills

What I can do

Hopefully some of my projects above gave you an idea about my skills, but I will clarify a bit more for you. My skills are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, and even Git.

I created the first three projects using valid, up to date HTML and CSS and some photoshop. I wanted to showcase the fact that I can create websites from scratch without using a framework. Having said that, I am familiar with and have used both Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks for some past projects, but I did not want to do that here.

I created the second three projects using Javascript in order to showcase those skills as well. I created an interactive Pong game that allows you to play the game with the left paddle by using your mouse. The right paddle controller is controlled by "AI" (Not really AI but it looks like it doesn't it?). The game also keeps track of your score and lets you know when you win or lose after 5 points!

The second Javascript project my own version of a Magic 8 Ball toy. Ask if a question and then "shake" the Magic 8 Ball (by clicking on the "Shake" button) it will answer your question with a very "Accurate" answer.

The sixth project is a handy little tip calculator built using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Plug in the amount of your bill, the number of people that will be splitting the bill and pick how well the server did and hit "calculate". It will calculate what the tip amount should be based on how well they did.

I should also mention that I coded this portfolio from scratch without using a framework as well. I then created a WordPress theme (which is what you're looking at now) in order to add blog functionality to this (Blog coming soon). While I did use some PHP here, I won't say that I'm proficient in it yet.

About Me

A little about me

Just in case you scrolled past it earlier, my name is Tom Chapman and I'm a self-taught web developer from Nashville TN.

I work a full-time job, I'm a dad, and I (attempt to) work out on a regular basis, and I spend most of my free time learning to write code because I want to be able to provide an epic life for my kids. I somehow manage to balance all of these things too!

I've been learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Swift because I absolutely love technology and I love creating things with code. I created this portfolio in order to showcase my work in those languages, and to share my experiences along the way.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about what you see or if you'd like to schedule an interview with me. If you want to hire me, then most definitely contact me! Even though I've got a fairly busy schedule, I can make time to respond back to you quite quickly!