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How can I help you make more money?

Whether you're playing with the idea of starting a blog or you've got a blog already, but it needs some help, let me help you put more money in your pocket.

Learn how to make your blog better

Get tips and tricks from me through my blog posts, social media posts, and regular emails on how you can improve on your current blog and take it to that next level.

Let me make your blog for you

Hand the keys over to me and let me drive. Maybe you don't want to get into the nitty gritty of how this stuff works, or maybe you just simply don't have the time to do so on top of your business. Let me create your blog for you and/or take it to that next level.

Who Can Benefit From Blogging?

Side Hustlers

So you’re thinking of starting a side hustle because your 9 to 5 job isn’t cutting it and you’d rather be blogging about zebra sculptures because you’re true passion is well, zebra sculptures. You want to learn how to do some of this on your own but you might need some help along the way.

Business Owners

You’re running a business but it’s 2018 and you want to take your business to that next level. You may or may not have a website now but you want to put the focus on it and really kick the tires this time and let it bring some more cash into your business.

Web Designers

You may already know how to make absolutely epic websites but maybe you need some tips and tricks from another point of view. If you’re looking to improve your blogging or SEO game, then hopefully I’ve got something to offer you!

Code Hobbyists

Maybe you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for yet but blogging and web design sounds interesting to you. My blog may offer you some helpful tips and topics to help kick start your blogging career!


The Internet is huge and it’s enabling so many people to live their dreams and do what they love. No matter what walk of life or where you’re coming from, I believe so many people can benefit from blogging. The money doesn’t lie: countless people make a full time income just from running a blog – some make over six figures. Even if that’s not your goal, and you just want to pocket a few hundred bucks a month on the regular for spending money – you can do that too.

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My Skills

Just a few quick points about what I can offer you

Web Design

Email Campaigns

Customer Support

SEO/Search Optimization

Social Media Presence


What can my blog offer you?

Feel free to follow my blog as I write articles and tutorials on various blogging topics such as SEO, marketing, logo design, and so much more. Below are just a few examples of what you'll find in my blog.

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I write various articles on how to hone your blogging and design craft even more.


I write detailed tutorials on how to do specific things with your blog

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Who doesn’t love freebies? I post free resources to help your blog rock

Let this video explain things

About me, Tom Chapman

I am a Web Designer and Online Strategist that specializes in creating WordPress blogs for bloggers who need an online brand in order to increase traffic sales.

I was born and raised in Nashville, TN - one of the hottest growing cities in the US right now. (Probably because word got out that I live here.) When I got my first computer and then discovered the Internet in the 90s, one of the first things I did that same week was search for books on how to write code to do what the websites did, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve spent countless hours knee deep in computer hardware and code both over the years.

I’ve got a huge passion for what I do and I consider myself a technology enthusiast. I love fixing code problems and creating solutions for people that solve their blogging and website problems. I’ve worked with local people and businesses here in the middle TN area as well as many corners of the world like Canada and Ireland and Hawaii.

One of my biggest interests is blogging - so that’s what I love to focus on. I love writing code and creating branding for websites, but I also love blogging so you’ll find me blogging about blogging here - trying to power you up with tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to make your blog really rock

The Numbers They Don't Lie

57,121 students
568+ reviews
8 courses

What People Are Saying About Me

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Tom helped my turn my ancient blogger site into something much better and up-to-date. I’ve got a site that looks great now, and I can update it myself with new content and keep it rolling. The whole process couldn’t have been any simpler!

— Patrick, blogger and writer
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I already had a pretty good website, but I needed to clean up thousands of spam comments and a virus as well as a few other SEO tweaks. I brought Tom in and he cleaned them all up and explained what he was doing and had my site running right. He was very thorough in his SEO explanations as well.

— Brenna, blogger and fashionista
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I tried making a video blog on my own, but I was struggling to do that and run my business too. I hired Tom to take over the site for me and finish up all of the loose ends. He took care of that for me, 5 stars from me!

— Keith, fitness blogger and martial artist
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I actually hired Tom to write a bunch of articles for my blog, and he did really well with them. After writing them, he made suggestions for my blog, so I hired him to implement said suggestions and my site is all the better for it!

— Benjamin, blogger

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